Working for M&M's means you get to work with all of the M&M's characters as well. Red & Yellow of course being the most famous. However, on social media there's a possibility for the likes of Blue, Orange, Miss Green and Miss Brown to take center stage as well. Since M&M's are a widely popular snack for moviegoers of all ages, the social media content often revolved around showing the M&M's characters in a movie setting. We leaned heavily on each character's distinct personalities making it a recognisable and fun way for the audience to interact with the content.
Dutch liquorice producer Venco wanted to do a small awareness campaign focusing on their brand new packaging and tagline. We decided on a very clean copy-driven concept in which we used the tagline Lekker Nederlands (this translates to 'Typically Dutch') to put some typical Dutch behaviour in the spotlight. Dutch people are often accused of being kind of cheap when it comes to spending money, and we aren't especially known for our flawless pronunciation of the English language. We ran with it and had a lot of laughs doing so.
A particularly painful moment in creating content for Snickers emerged when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch was about to be launched. Gamers are notoriously known to be some of the most passionate people on this planet, and many controller has suffered a very sudden demise by the hands of those losing their sh*t in a friendly bout.

This newest addition to the Nintendo Switch line-up is one of those games in which property destruction is very likely to happen, presenting us with an opportunity to connect the Snickers brand to a young audience in a relevant and recognisable way. You're not you when you're hungry, right?

The process? Buy yourself a brand spanking new Switch controller. Destroy it beyond repair (This is extremely hard. Well made, Nintendo 
). Shoot a picture that's sure to make any gamer cry. Slather on a famous in-game quote which has attained meme-status. Ta-daaa! Yikes.
Drugstore brand Kruidvat wanted their Instagram channel to be all about beauty. But how could such a brand possibly appeal to a younger audience? By speaking to them in a language they understand, both visually and literally. This resulted in a series of recurring social formats in which we combined product photography, influencer content and Kruidvat's own brand identity to create engaging and alluring content. Putting Kruidvat beauty on the map.
Something else entirely for Kruidvat was the Welkom Thuis Toppers (Welcome Home Guys) summer campaign. The idea originated from the insight that people often come home to a house deprived of all bare necessities like toiletries, snacks and cleaning supplies, after a nice long summer vacation abroad.

In a move to supply Kruidvat customers with these essentials before returning to their respective homes, we set up a roadside pit stop right at the Dutch border. Anyone pulling into the pit stop was provided with some snacks for the final stretch, a car wash, and a free gift box with plenty of Kruidvat products to make coming home less of a downer. Armed with two cameras we recorded the whole thing, bringing the offline experience to an online audience in turn.

Creative Skills
Concept, Design, Animation, Filming, Copywriting, Storytelling

Software Skills
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator
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