Funeral care and insurance cooperation DELA inspires their clients to be thankful for their loved ones every single day. After all, you never know what tomorrow might bring. The embodiment of this insight has been seen throughout various campaigns, often resulting in a person opening up with heartwarming words to an unsuspecting receiver. Whether it's a parent, sibling or close friend, it hits a relatable note. The world has changed quite a bit since the previous campaign in 2012, and in a connected world it's easy to forget the importance of sharing your feelings face to face.

For their new campaign DELA asked us to come up with a different format, while still utilising the sender-receiver construct to get their message across. Instead of focusing on the sender like many campaigns before it, this campaign would focus on the receiver since that is where most of the emotion and surprise in such a private moment often originates. A quiet and intimate setting accompanied by sensitive piano music only strengthens the feeling this message conveys. Why wait with saying something beautiful, if you can say it today?
With production and the TV commercial being done by WeFilm I was tasked with creating all of the social videos for this campaign. While only a handful of outtakes of the in total 43 shared moments were used in the shorter TV commercial, I at least had the ability to use almost all of it.
Aside from the beautiful words being recorded from both the sender and receiver perspective, interviews with the couples after these tender moments were also recorded. Diving a little deeper into the meaning of the words they shared, shedding some light on each couple's backstory. We've had adopted sons, proud parents, grateful children, loving partners and lifelong friends speaking from their hearts for the world to see. All done to inspire others to do the same for their loved ones.
We decided on a layered social media campaign, gradually going deeper into every couple's exchange of words, hearing about their motivation to do so and reflecting on their need for a personal and intimate connection. Whereas the TV-commercial is a compilation conveying the overall message, social content was meant for individual stories to be heard.

We started by piquing viewers interest with video snippets by utilising the strengths of different placings on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. After which we linked to landing pages on the DELA website and Instant Experiences to provide plenty of interesting and moving backstory. This voyeuristic way of storytelling is aimed at encouraging viewers to do some reflecting and opening up to those closest to them of their own accord. I created a total sum of 120+ videos for this campaign, in a wide variety of aspect ratios and durations across all necessary channels.
Coöperatie DELA

Creative Skills
Concept, Video Editing, Animation, Storytelling

Software Skills
Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects

Ralf van Lieshout
Floris van den Elshout
Angela van der Velden
Tim Schellekens
Bram Lips
Jajke Mertens
Janne Coolen

TVC Credits
Wefilm (AMS) 
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