ING Nederland came to us asking for several add-ons to their newest TV commercial that was about to hit production. ING is a financial corporation with a focus on innovation, ease of use and providing freedom for their customers. The culmination of these brand values can be found in ING's mobile banking app. 
The TV commercial sets the stage for this proposition with an overarching #itsallinyourhands (#allesindehand) message, by showing and telling the viewer they can personally be in charge of all of their banking and finance needs by using the ING app.
Personal finance comes in many forms. Whether you're looking to invest money, want to know about your personal savings or have no idea where to start with buying a house, ING has got you covered. To highlight relevant financial topics we were tasked with creating several add-ons to the TV commercial, showcasing one specific topic at a time.
Since we were spring-boarding from the original TV commercial and its overarching messaging to gain some momentum for each individual topic we decided it was a good idea to have the commercial transition into each add-on seamlessly. Not only does this create a clear connection between the two, but this way we wouldn't have to rethink the format for each following add-on as long as the creative output adheres to a few basic rules. Making it possible to mix, match, recycle and expand on different topics more easily if the need should arise in the future.
I worked with a 3D designer to come up with several different add-ons, each making a visual reference to either the topic we were highlighting or a relevant moment in the year. Every add-on has a distinct look and feel while simultaneously being on brand and connecting to the original TV commercial smoothly. These add-ons were broadcasted on every major Dutch commercial channel.
ING Nederland

Creative Skills
Concept, Animation, Art Direction

Software Skills
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, (knowledge of) Cinema 4D

Floris van den Elshout
Tim Aarts
Tim Schellekens
Robin Raynor
Alex Scale
Renske van den Bogaard
Jajke Mertens

TVC Credits
Wunderman Thompson (AMS)
Ambassadors (AMS)
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