An event that has been a yearly pinnacle for kids all across The Netherlands is ING Wilde Buiten Dagen. This particular event, which takes place during autumn break, is a collaboration between ING Nederland and Natuurmonumenten and more specifically their youth program which goes by the name of OERRR.

Both parties came asking for a digital solution for the event in times of COVID-19. The pandemic prohibited them from organizing a larger scale outdoor event, to prevent parents and their children from gathering in multiple locations. However, this didn't diminish the ambition to get kids outdoors to learn a thing or two about (Dutch) nature in general, and the importance of biodiversity.

We soon brought up the idea of creating a WhatsApp chatbot in collaboration with Greenhouse Conversational. Providing children with an interactive adventure which is guided by professional Forester Ruben to help out 2020's chosen forest critter, the hedgehog. A very important requirement was for children to be able to take part in this adventure wherever they so chose under the supervision of a parent or caregiver. Whether it be in nearby woods, a local park, or even their own backyard or balcony, we would make sure this would be a fun and safe outdoor activity in a year of staying mostly indoors. And so the very first ING Boswachterchallenge (ING Forester Challenge) was born.
With the general concept locked and loaded we set out to bring the story to life, soon deciding on a main character: Mother Hedgehog. Forester Ruben would ask participating children to help him with finding Mother Hedgehog a new home to safely spend the winter in. While going on an adventure consisting of five distinct chapters, Forester Ruben would provide participants with ample brain teasers assignments and activities during which they would need to use all their wits and senses.

We know getting muddy in nature is something most kids enjoy profoundly (sorry, mom and dad), and we didn't back down from any opportunity to get kids climbing, digging and responsibly looking for bugs. But wait, there's more! Throughout the challenges children were able to gather Hedgehog Points at the end of each chapter. Collecting five points in total eventually gave participants the ability to get their hands on an actual physical Forester Badge to carry around for the world to see. Sweet!
By utilizing the online presence of several well-know influencers, prominent parenting- and activity websites and good old social media content, we were able to get thousands of children rummaging around in the fresh air. Effectively realizing plenty of shelter for the hedgehog before winter time. You can try version 2.0 of the WhatsApp chatbot by clicking here, or scanning the QR code below. 
ING Nederland & Natuurmonumenten

Creative Skills
Concept, Art Direction

Software Skills
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition

Renske van den Bogaard
Robin Raynor
Luuk de Graaf
Niel Heesakkers
Angela van der Velden
Jajke Mertens
Menno Zevenbergen
Luke Janissen

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