A lot of people in the Netherlands grew up having Brabantia products in their home. It is a common household name when it comes to houseware lifestyle brands, with a trackrecord spanning over 100 years of innovations and beautiful products.

In 2019 Brabantia came to us regarding their social media presence. It had all the required channels in place, but a distinct style and guideline was missing. This was especially important as Brabantia was looking to expand further across the border into other growth markets.
The challenge was to provide a social content strategy and restyling that applied to every current territory with the possibility of easily expanding even further, if required. We decided on a rebranding for their social channels (mainly Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest) in which we always let the product be the hero in every creative.
Brabantia's new brand proposition revolves around #enjoythedoing. Meaning Brabantia can and will help you find pleasure in doing everyday chores, with the help of their beautiful and sustainable products and solutions. We came up with several inspiring and engaging formats giving the target audience tips, tricks, insights and first steps to embrace and implement the Brabantia lifestyle into their daily routines, creating rituals.
Brabantia has come a long way in the past century and now has numerous categories in which they produce houseware products. Categories like laundry, cooking, waste management and storage solutions, to name a few. These categories each have their own place in Brabantia's yearly content calendar and are frequently combined with the relevant moments of each year, like the start of spring, World Environment Day, and international Holidays, for added relevance.

All these things combined give Brabantia a very recognizable and complete year-round social media presence connecting their products with their brand proposition in beautiful, inspiring and engaging ways.

Creative Skills
Concept, Animation, Art Direction

Software Skills
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere


Olga Poortman
Robin Raynor
Renske van den Bogaard
Jajke Mertens
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