In the run-up to the summer of 2021, Koninklijke Bibliotheek came knocking with a bit of a challenge. They had about three weeks left to come up with, create, and spread the word with a social campaign meant to have youngsters read (more) during their upcoming summer break. We rose to the challenge, since the topic was near and dear to our hearts.

The first and obvious challenge would be that young people nowadays don't really go to the library anymore. Luckily the Koninklijke Bibliotheek has an app in which, during the summer holidays, any and all 6 to 18 year olds have the possibility to register for free and borrow up to ten e-books and audiobooks simultaneously from the complete collection, consisting of over 7000 books. How's that for a summer well spent, eh?

We came up with the concept Boek 'n Trip, in which we enticed future readers to go on a journey this summer. We created a distinct visual style and several engaging social content items, stepping into the minds of young people and help them cross the threshold to get them reading.
The first order of business was to create print media which was to be distributed at numerous libraries across the Netherlands. We created a poster and bookmarks which both carried the campaign title, a short and simple tagline, some practical information, and a campaign visual. The idea was to have this visual contain different known and lesser-known genre tropes for any viewer, young or old, to find.
Moving on to the social media side of things we came up with several practical and engaging creative solutions to help young people start (or continue) reading. First and foremost we brought our campaign visual to life and communicated about the deal there was to be taken advantage of. FREE BOOKS!

Secondly we gave the community some reading suggestions, just to get them going. One of the insights we came across was that youngsters don't really know how to find a good book to their liking. As I mentioned before they hardly ever go to the library, and when they do there's too many books to choose from.
Playing with the summer holiday and 'going on a trip' approach we came up with a variety of content items in which we broadened young readers' horizons as to what might be of interest to them. Now all there was left for them to do was to find a good book, huddle down somewhere comfy, and enjoy their summer break from wherever the books would take them.
Koninklijke Bibliotheek

Creative Skills
Concept, Graphic Design, Copywriting

Software Skills
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign

Robin Raynor

Fouad el Hamdaoui
Niel Heesakkers
Luuk de Graaf
Jajke Mertens
Olga Poortman

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