NextM is an international marketing event organised by GroupM agencies, which takes place yearly all across mainland Europe. Every participating country gets to choose its own theme, often focusing on the latest trends and innovations. Taking a good hard look at what the future might bring. I had the honour of doing a rebranding for the 2019 edition themed Back to the Future, which so happens to be one of my all time favourite 80s movies. I've also done part of the branding for 2020's virtual edition.
This involved everything from social media announcements to physical timetables, stickers, an Instagram GIF-pack, website assets, posters, signage and even a Snapchat filter.
The challenge here was that the rebranding had to correspond somewhat with that of previous editions. This would make it possible to recycle and reuse some bannering and props used in the years before. I decided on keeping the color scheme mostly intact, slightly altering the use of existing fonts and adding Back to the Future I & II inspired 3D elements like Marty's VR glasses, a hoverboard, Doc Brown's Flux Capacitor and the DeLorean's license plate. These were all made with a little NextM twist and accompanied by other creatives focusing on wordplay and marketing lingo.

Designs for the physical sticker pack.

What's an innovative marketing event without having its own Snapchat filter, right? Any filter has two inputs it can use; the front (face) camera and the rear camera of your phone. I worked with a 3D designer and AR developer to come up with two fun and engaging ways to use both in a different way.
The front camera lets you wear Marty's en Doc Brown's VR glasses and gives your Snap a NextM feel. The rear camera gave you a live visual representation of the timetable, displaying who was currently taking the stage and what was still to come. Quite literally putting you in the middle of everything that was going on, on that day. The timetable isn't currently active, since the event already took place, but you can still look around and get an idea of how that worked. Scan the Snapcode below using the Snapchat app on your phone, or step into the future by clicking here!
NextM Nederland

Creative Skills
Branding, Concept, 3D Design, Visual Design, Animation

Software Skills
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Blender 2.7

Alex Scale
Tom Klaversma
Charley Peereboom
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