As a third year Communications & Multimedia Design student my girlfriend was tasked with doing an individual project. There were no real requirements, other than that it had to be in line with the things she had learnt up until that point during her study. I was pretty amazed early on, and when she asked me if I would be willing to make a video of the project she had come up with I immediately said, 'YES!'. 

Instead of me explaining what the project is about I think it's best to let the creative mastermind do that herself a little further down.
"How can I make personal growth and development experienceable, by using a nature inspired physical interactive installation?"
Levenslicht (Lifelight)
Vulnerabilities in our mental wellbeing create social obstacles, but are at the same time a source of personal growth. They deserve to be seen in their most fascinating form.
Levenslicht is a physical installation aimed towards shining light on the lesser number: people with a vulnerable state of mental health who, despite many stigmas and taboos, are willing to share about the obstacles in their respective lives to create space for personal growth.
Levenslicht exists of individual generative data visualisations which are engraved in a natural shape, based on life changing experiences. These personal slides/slices are placed in a modular lighting installation in which three axis show the viewer the dynamic relation between past and future, human and natural development.
Creative Skills
Filming, Video Editing

Software Skills
Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects
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