Popular brandname chocolate bar Snickers is known for their catchphrase You're not you when you're hungry. With television commercials and print ads featuring the likes of Rowan Atkinson, Elton John and Joan Collins showcasing their outspoken personalities in a variety of different situations. 

But how do you get a message across to a target audience who hardly watches television anymore? The answer lies in 'hacking' their social feeds with annoyingly fun and challenging games, and rewarding them with a free Snickers bar afterwards. Introducing Snickers' The Hungry Games.
Setting an appealing stage for a fun and (eventually) rewarding game on social media is no easy feat by any means. However, having a very outspoken graphic style goes a long way. We enlisted the powers of illustrator, animator and design bad-ass Ivan Dixon (Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Rick & Morty) to provide us with a nostalgic callback to 16-BIT video games. We provided the concept and storylines, Ivan did the thing he does best, the result? A full-blown social campaign presented on the target audience's Instagram and Facebook feeds, and of course Instagram Stories.
Any geek knows a video game isn't nearly as much fun and enticing to play without any music and sound effects to complete the experience. I was able to come up with seven distinct audio arrangements after countless hours of scouring databases, sites and numerous other sources for the perfect retro blips and beeps for each game. Even though the storyline for each game is different, resulting in different audiovisual moods, the Instagram games register as a series.
Snickers Nederland

Creative Skills
Storytelling, Animation, Audio Design

Software Skills
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere

Joris Verhaak
Tim Schellekens
Bram van der Kroon
Michon Voncken
Maartje Gruijters
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